Assist. Prof. Zoran Miloševič, MD, MsC


Assist. Prof. Miloševič is exeptional interventional radiologist and also dedicatied scientist. He started with all invasive diagnostic and therapeutic proceedures in Slovenia, particulary in the field of carotide stenting, intracranial anevrizm coiling and special therapies of brain vascular system. He performed the largest number of mentioned proceedures in European region, he was a teacher of different European teams.

He combine his work in The University Clinical Center of Ljubljana and in International Center of cardiovascular diseases MC MEDICOR, Slovenia.

His research work is particulary in the development of new strategies for the treatment of vascular diseases. He also published several prominent articles and had lectures about his new techniques all over the world.

Last two years he joined the team in clinical and research work in the field of CCSVI and multiple sclerosis.